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  Megan Waters

Hall of fame: Christine

Another polyglot gets the nod and enters the hall of fame this year. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Christine is a French, Portuguese and Spanish to English translator whose exposure to different cultures and languages has contributed to her accomplishments as

  Megan Waters

Hall of fame: Catrina

We would like to welcome Catrina to our distinctive roster of hall of famers. A translator in two language pairs, Dutch to English and vice versa, her childhood hobbies kick started her journey to English fluency and her overseas work

  Megan Waters

Hall of fame: Charles

A Chinese-American who moved overseas to study Japanese, Charles has been a Japanese to English translator for five years. He believes cultural awareness is a prerequisite before learning professional translation tools, and advises translators to focus on constantly improving their

  Mike Staffa

Spanish language day: Benefits of learning Spanish through music

Held every October 12, UN Spanish Language Day coincides with the National Day of Spain, a holiday that also commemorates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival to the Americas. If you’re learning Spanish, the fourth most spoken language in the

  Alex Nguyen

Top three business benefits of translation memory


If you’ve ever ordered translation, or are currently looking for language services, you’ve probably heard the phrase “translation memory” at some point in time. But how exactly does this popular tool work, and what does it mean for your localization …

  Megan Waters

Hall of fame: Yoko

A language lover at heart, Yoko’s bilingual background has significantly influenced her career after pursuing different industries after graduation. Eventually, she returned to her first passion, translation, and advises newer translators to start small and choose jobs that suit their

  Mike Staffa

Hall of fame: Karen

A dedicated English to Portuguese-Brazilian translator, Karen earned a spot in our growing list of Wordsmiths this year. Her passion for music and the English language greatly influenced her location independent career in translation. She reminds fellow translators that aside

  Alex Nguyen

Translation tips for selling to Japanese customers

Is Japan on your list for global expansion? It definitely deserves a spot. The Japanese ecommerce market is expected to grow from $52 billion to over $80 billion over the next five years, according to a report by A.T. Kearney. …

  Mike Staffa

8 things translators love about their jobs

September 30 marks International Translation Day, a time to recognize the growing community of translators worldwide and encourage more people to embark on a career that is becoming increasingly relevant in the age of globalization. Named as the fastest-growing

  Megan Waters

Hall of fame: Klaus

Klaus, a Berlin-based English to German translator, joins the ranks of our distinguished hall of famers this season. What started as a natural inclination toward learning languages became the catalyst for his professional career as a translator. He believes consistent

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