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10 online translation tools recommended by translators


The translation process can often be somewhat tedious—sometimes covering a multitude of topics, requiring extensive research and contextual knowledge. Fortunately, the digital revolution triggered the creation of tools, software and resources that helps ease the burden of translation and improve efficiency, consistency and quality. Below is a list of tools that are regularly used and recommended by translators, for translators.

1) Linguee

A crowd favorite, this unique translation tool combines a dictionary with a search engine, so you can search for bilinguals texts, words and expressions in different languages to check meanings and contextual translations. Linguee also searches the web for relevant translated documents and shows you how a word is being translated throughout the internet. It is often used in conjunction with Google Images to help translators and language learners alike.

2) SDL Trados Studio

The most recommended computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool by Gengo hall of famers, SDL Trados is a wise investment for full-time translators. This software features TM, terminology, machine translation and software localization. Most large agencies require translators to work with one of the established CAT tools, so using SDL Trados could also increase your client base and broaden your horizons. If you need time to decide before purchase, try a free demo version for 30 days.

3) The Free Dictionary

Available in a wide variety of languages, this comprehensive site is a dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia in one. Get free access to medical, financial and legal dictionaries, an extensive collection of idioms, acronyms, quotes, and several languages besides English, such as Spanish, French, Portuguese and Japanese. The encyclopedia also has sections updated regularly, providing users a word or article of the day. The free mobile application is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

4) Fluency Now

Fluency Now Professional is a premium CAT tool and translation memory software created for individual freelancers. Available for $9.95 per month, it’s compatible on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. For organizations, Fluency Now Enterprise gives access to extra features like Fluency Flow, a project management solution. It also provides a built-in proofreading software and project and document statistics.

5) ProZ

If you prefer interaction and crowdsourcing, then ProZ should be your go-to resource. Home to the world’s largest translation network, ProZ is a portal for professional translators who wish to collaborate on terms translation, dictionaries, training as well as receive access to discounts on translation tools. Translators can ask questions and join forum discussions, too.

6) MemoQ

A translation software designed for freelance translators that offers a number of powerful functions that enable you to reuse previous translations. MemoQ also has features to help improve quality, check consistency and ensure the use of correct terminology. The 2015 version also has a faster spell-checking feature. See if it works for you by trying the free demo version for 45 days.

7) Memsource

A TM database integrated with Gengo to improve efficiency, Memsource is a cloud-based translation environment that provides an effective and efficient project-management tool. Users can further optimize their translation productivity using features like TM, editing and terminology management all within the platform.

8) Translators Café

An online community and forum where you can ask questions and advice from experienced translators. Registration is free for both professional and amateur translators, and members can bid and acquire jobs at no extra cost. Employers may contact the freelancers based on their bids or they can provide their information to translators. Payments are paid directly to freelancers with no escrow accounts.

9) Zanata

A web-based system for translators, content creators and developers to manage localization projects, Zanata handles the entire translation workflow and allows translators to focus on translations, not tools and formats. Its TM also finds and suggests the best translation matches in the entire system. Zanata’s Editor works on any web browser with no installation necessary. Multiple translators can also work on the Editor, with a chat room for real-time communication.

10) WordFast Pro

Wordfast Pro is a standalone, multi-platform TM tool designed to improve the translation process, for anyone from project managers to freelance translators. Unlike other CAT tools, translators can import and export TMs even with the demo version and can be used for an unlimited time. The only limitation is the size of the translation memory (500 units). There’s no need to pay extra for tutorials and support and they provide excellent customer support.

Do you use some of these online tools? Share your thoughts and other recommendations with us!

Jenie Gabriel
Jenie Gabriel
Jenie assists in creating online content for Gengo's marketing team. Originally from the Philippines, she was an advertising creative in Singapore before moving to Tokyo. In her spare time, you’ll find her glued to social networks or daydreaming about her next escapade.
  • I think the “online” should be dropped from the title (is SDL Trados Studio online?).
    Another useful, online tool: (multiple search engine)

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    I personally love Wordfast and MemoQ. They are easy to both easy to learn. I am a project manager for a professional translation services;company, and I recommend MemoQ online translation.

  • Dmitry Chaplay

    I would also like to introduce another free online tool that can be useful it is textomate(
    It supports word count in a number of different file formats and work very fast in compare with another tools and does not require any additional soft to be installed (like ms office etc)

    What is more it provides free public API
    and Quote Plugin that may be embedded into web site

  • Shouguang Cao with GT4T remains my best-kept secret. Strange doesn’t get enough attention. Linguee doesn’t return dictionary results for most pairs but does.

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    I am currently running this:

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    I am currently working on a translation from English to Spanish for a project originated in Japanese. A science fiction drama. Any tips on how to localize Japanese and Korean content?

  • Hikmat Gumilar

    For Indonesian we have. Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia its like the Ultima Dictionary for Indonesian Language. I am a professional Indonesian to English translator vv and I find it very useful.

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    Hi you definitely want to include GT4T. It provides Machine translation help to professional translators.

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    such a nice list of translator tools..thank you for sharing..

    Naati translator

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    I would recommend SmartCAT – a CAT tool that is not based on selling seats

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    Nice blog. This is a very good blog on English to Marathi dictionary. I would like to thank you for all the information you give. Its really important to choose the best dictionary to learn marathi. So thenks for the information you give.

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    Does Gengo have integration with Zanata?

  • 博文值得拜读。受益了!

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    For English-Malay translation, I find that the Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu (Malay Literature Reference Centre) online database very useful.

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      Thanks for the contribution! :D