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  Charlie Rosas

Two quick translation tips for international travelers

Traveling abroad but worried about language barriers? Our team has tried its fair share of multilingual dictionaries and image translation apps, and while these tools are perfect for practical needs, they don’t get you beyond the basics. Whether you’re looking …

  Charlie Rosas

Faces of Gengo: Meryem

This week’s Face of Gengo is Meryem, one of our English to French Canadian Senior Translators. Meryem was raised in true Montreal fashion in a French and English household. Despite her father’s Turkish background, she did not learn the language …

  Charlie Rosas

Faces of Gengo: Mark

Mark, a Japanese to English translator based in Boston, neither planned nor expected to go into translating. However, after meeting his Japanese wife and living in Japan for two years, he returned to the US to continue his studies in …

  Charlie Rosas

Faces of Gengo: Sebaey

Already an established chemist in his home country of Egypt, our latest Face of Gengo decided to pursue English so that he could publish his research in international scientific journals. Now a married father of one, Sebaey translates part-time in …