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  Emily Benson

The guide to global social media

Social media has become a necessity for marketers. It provides brands with a low-cost platform to directly connect with customers. While a lot of companies have established a solid strategy in their native tongue, they’re leaving out the rest of …

  Emily Benson

Gengo-dō: Dogfooding

Last year Gengo launched a new initiative called dogfooding, where every member of our team regularly tests and uses our own platform. While most of our teams already use Gengo daily, including Marketing, Ops, Engineering and Support, we wanted for …

  Emily Benson

Gengo-dō: Tokyo in bloom

Spring is here in Japan! Sakura (桜), or cherry blossoms, are now in full bloom around the world, prompting sakura viewing parties and excursions known as hanami (花見) here in Japan and abroad. To celebrate, Japanese residents head to the …

  Emily Benson

Countdown to Going Global, #12: Kaizen! Optimize

Ultimately, expanding overseas is about increasing revenue. Right after your global launch, however, progress might be harder to see. Our final tip, #12, is all about measuring and improving what you do well:…

  Emily Benson

Countdown to Going Global, #11: Round it out with multilingual support

With traffic to your site growing and international orders on the rise, support inquiries are bound to spike as well. Tip #11 will help you extend the same fluid multilingual experience to customer support, as you try to answer:…

  Emily Benson

Gengo Pulse on Globalization: Startup Asia Tokyo 2014

Last month at Tech in Asia’s Startup Asia Tokyo 2014 conference, companies from Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and beyond came to Tokyo to discuss the rise of startups in Asia. What are the disadvantages of being an Asia-based startup? …

  Emily Benson

Basics: Translation vs. Localization

The language services industry loves making things complicated.

What’s transcreation? What about localization? Are they the same, and which service do I need for my business?…