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  Lauren Van Mullem

Five rules for choosing the right translation process

Choosing the right translation process isn’t easy. Each one—human translation (HT), machine translation (MT), post-edited machine translation (PEMT), and crowd human translation—has its benefits and drawbacks. Some are more expensive than others. Some offer the highest quality, but take more

  Lauren Van Mullem

The most important questions to ask translation vendors

Does your project require the human touch (human translation or HT), or will machine translation (MT) work well with your text? Maybe the middle-road of post-edited machine translation (PEMT) is precisely what you need. But, if you’re not sure which

  Lauren Van Mullem

Five tips to boost global ecommerce sales this holiday season

As of last year, the overwhelming majority of U.S. shoppers are buying online, and ecommerce sales worldwide hit a record high of $1.3 trillion. The news couldn’t be better for ecommerce predictions for ecommerce sales this holiday season—global sales are

  Lauren Van Mullem

What to consider when choosing a translation approach

You think you know how translation works: you take the words from one language and find their equivalents in another language, right? Sure, there are a few grammatical hurdles and idioms, but it seems like a fairly simple process.


  Lauren Van Mullem

A guide to the three main types of translation

Most people assume they know how translation works. You take the words from one language and make them understandable in another. Sure, there are a few hurdles to achieving solid understanding, like idioms and differing cultural knowledge bases, but it

  Lauren Van Mullem

Challenges & quirks in translating social media content

“My dog ate my homework.” 19.

“mein Hund aß meine Hausarbeit.” 26.

“Mi perro se comió me tarea.” 22.

The above numbers may look similar, but when you’re trying to plan out a tweet in translation, the number of characters

  Lauren Van Mullem

Tools and tricks for multilingual social marketing

Managing multilingual social media takes an already complicated job and multiplies it by the number of languages, with a few additional monkey wrenches thrown in. Not only do you have to plan the basic social media strategy for multiple accounts

  Lauren Van Mullem

Translating social media: the pre-social translation flow

Social media works best when paired with other content marketing. It’s a way for you to tell people about your offers and deals, show the new e-book you’ve created, share your latest white paper, and most importantly, engage with your

  Lauren Van Mullem

The basics of multilingual social marketing

How would you feel if you walked into a party, and everyone else was speaking to each other in Spanish—but you only spoke English. Uncomfortable, right? Any good host would make sure you were included in the conversation.

If social

  Lauren Van Mullem

Technical do’s and don’ts for global ecommerce

Content management is simple in your home country. Your ecommerce website typically does everything for you except write the content itself. But when expanding into foreign markets, you’ll be confronted with technical decisions you’ve never faced before. All of a