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  Sarah Siwak

Get our fact sheet on cross-border ecommerce

Do you have your facts straight about cross-border ecommerce?

While resources to help companies of all sizes sell overseas are abundant, few companies ensure visitors can navigate sites and listings in their customers’ native languages. Identify gaps in your overseas …

  Sarah Siwak

Price Change in Pounds, Euros

Starting Friday, January 23, Gengo pricing for users ordering in Pound Sterling and Euro will change slightly to adjust to current exchange rates. …

  Sarah Siwak

Happy New Year! Explore our six most popular posts from 2014

Whether you’re building a translation strategy from scratch, want to start a career in translation or are just curious about tech, we want for you to find the answers you need on the Gengo blog. Our most popular posts …

  Sarah Siwak

Countdown to Going Global, #10: Create a great global growth machine

Tip #10 is all about growth.…

  Sarah Siwak

Countdown to Going Global, #9: Check, double check, launch

Congratulations! All of your hard work is almost ready for launch. Tip #9 is a reminder to pause and do a thorough final pass of all of your brand new multilingual content and web pages. …

  Sarah Siwak

Countdown to Going Global, #8: Translate cleanly

Prior to translating your content with the service of your choice, you should do a bit of prep work to get the most out of it. …

  Sarah Siwak

Countdown to Going Global, #7: Internationalize properly

When we talk about internationalization, we’re talking about adapting your website (and, for tech companies, software/platform) so that it’s ready for translation and localization. …

  Sarah Siwak

Countdown to Going Global, #6: Select the best translation tools and services

Once you know what you’re translating, it’s time to select translation tools and services.…

  Sarah Siwak

Countdown to Going Global, #5: Craft a working translation/localization strategy

Tip #5 in our countdown is about translation and localization strategy:

  • What will you translate and how?
  • Into which languages?
  • Who’s in charge?
  Sarah Siwak

Countdown to Going Global, #4: Build an internationally-minded team

You can have impeccable timing, choose the highest-potential countries for your company and prepare your product for a perfect pilot launch, but without a strong team, you won’t get very far. Tip #4 is all about people, and …