Jenie Gabriel

The 2016 Rio Olympics at a glance

Often considered a universal language, sports bring people together from different nationalities and diverse backgrounds. To promote fair play, sportsmanship and camaraderie among nations, languages play a vital role especially at one of the world’s biggest and most watched sporting

  Eutah Mizushima

Gengo Pulse on Collaboration: Tech in Asia Tokyo 2015

Earlier this month, Gengo attended the annual Tech in Asia Tokyo 2015 conference at Shibuya Hikarie. More than 1,500 participants from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and beyond gathered at the two-day event to discuss Asia’s startup scene and rub

  Megan Waters

Gengo-dō: Sailing the Sumida

Photos: Eutah Mizushima

The long, hot Japanese summer is (finally) almost over! Yakatabune (屋形船), or home-style boats, originated in the Heian period (794–1185) and were popular among the shogun and samurai classes. Lavishly decorated with gold, silver and lacquer,

  Emily Benson

Gengo-dō: Tokyo in bloom

Spring is here in Japan! Sakura (桜), or cherry blossoms, are now in full bloom around the world, prompting sakura viewing parties and excursions known as hanami (花見) here in Japan and abroad. To celebrate, Japanese residents head to the …

  Megan Waters

Snapshots from Gengo’s first-ever translator meetup

Just this week we hosted our first translator meetup here in Shibuya with our Tokyo-based translators. A true representation of our over 14,000-member community, the invitees comprised a diverse group of translators who had traveled from all across Tokyo, and …

  Issam Zeibak

Gengo Pulse on Tech: API World + DataWeek

Last month’s DataWeek conference and API World expo in San Francisco was full of interesting takeaways for developers. An event focused on discussing new approaches to and best practices behind data science, API design/strategy and more, the event is one …

  Emily Benson

Gengo Pulse on Globalization: Startup Asia Tokyo 2014

Last month at Tech in Asia’s Startup Asia Tokyo 2014 conference, companies from Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and beyond came to Tokyo to discuss the rise of startups in Asia. What are the disadvantages of being an Asia-based startup? …

  Jessica Roland

Gengo Pulse on Globalization: Talking with Translators Without Borders

We often talk about helping businesses go global, but today we’d like to highlight the important role translation plays in helping improve (and often save) lives around the world.

Translators Without Borders (TWB) connects translators, corporations and non-profits to increase …

  Matthew Romaine

Gengo Pulse on Tech: API Events in 2014

January is always full of experts’ predictions on how their industries will change over the coming year, and the API world is no exception. So far, we’ve heard from SOA, 3Scale and Steve Marx and John Sheehan in their

  Jessica Roland

Gengo Pulse on Globalization: A LocWorld and TAUS Founder Interview

Localization World and Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) events are core venues for globalization professionals to share ideas, exchange stories and unveil new tools and services. Respective founders Ulrich Henes and Jaap van der Meer have been at the cutting