Natalia Manidis

Gengo Pulse on Crowdsourcing: A Crowd for Every Purpose

Crowdsourcing is distributed problem solving. You take one task (or many smaller ones) and spread it across a crowd of hundreds to thousands to solve. In our case, it’s translation, but you can also use a crowd for reviews, design, …

  Matthew Romaine

Gengo Pulse on Tech: The Exploding API Ecosystem

If my travel schedule was any indication, the conference season was in full swing in October. Each week was spent either absorbing new information or speaking at conferences (two in the translation industry and three in technology).

Jessica did …

  Jessica Roland

Gengo Pulse on Globalization: The Translation Buffet

Despite being more connected than ever before, we only get a taste of the massive volume of multilingual content coming from every corner of the globe. For businesses, the internet allows for an immediate international presence and low-cost distribution, but …

  Jessica Roland

Lessons in Localization: Upcoming October Events

Trying to find the most efficient way to get your online presence and products out there in the right languages?

Globalization industry events are excellent for learning best practices and discovering the latest and greatest product and service offerings. Dive …

  Matthew Romaine

Observations from the 2013 TAUS Industry Leaders Forum

Last month I had the opportunity to present at the Translation Automation User Society’s (TAUS) Industry Leaders Forum. The event brings together major buyers and sellers of translation to discuss trends in the industry and share how they are tackling …

  Spencer Huddleston

Jim Breen: Behind the Scenes of WWWJDIC

One of our favorite sites is Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC. We have admiration for any service that’s been pushing the envelope with language and technology since most of us were still in primary school.

For those of you who aren’t Japanese …