Lauren Van Mullem

Technical do’s and don’ts for global ecommerce

Content management is simple in your home country. Your ecommerce website typically does everything for you except write the content itself. But when expanding into foreign markets, you’ll be confronted with technical decisions you’ve never faced before. All of a

  Lauren Van Mullem

The guide to managing global ecommerce content

Your website may contain hundreds of pages of content, especially if you have thousands of products. When you go global, you may think you’ll have to translate everything at once, but in fact, the opposite is true. What you need

  Lauren Van Mullem

The art of defining your global offering

Is your ecommerce business the online equivalent of a big box store, carrying everything including the kitchen sink? Or does it feature a limited, but popular, selection of products? Have you thought about exactly which of those products you want …

  Lauren Van Mullem

The basics of global ecommerce

Large and lucrative, with the chance for low-cost distribution, global markets are tempting bait for ecommerce businesses. Even though success seems to dangle there for the taking, it’s hard to know where to start, what to focus on first and …

  Lauren Van Mullem

Tips for overseas growth and operations

Operating a company at home is a whole different ball game than operating and growing one overseas. In fact, they might even be different sports. Your home game is strengthened by your knowledge of the playing field—you understand what people …

  Lauren Van Mullem

Lean growth in the international marketplace

Lean is smart. It’s minimal. It’s efficient and less expensive. And it is the way many companies are starting and growing these days. Even if your company is already well-established, the lean approach may be precisely what you need to …

  Lauren Van Mullem

How to create a winning global marketing & sales strategy

We know the dream of going global is in the heart of every entrepreneur, but you know what they say: if it was easy, everyone would do it. The next section of our Going Global series will help you create …

  Lauren Van Mullem

Checklist: Will your local product fit global markets?

The dream of going global is somewhere in the heart of every entrepreneur and CEO. Your business revolves around solving problems, and problems tend to be universal. But, the messaging around these solutions is anything but universal, and that is …

  Emily Benson

The guide to global social media

Social media has become a necessity for marketers. It provides brands with a low-cost platform to directly connect with customers. While a lot of companies have established a solid strategy in their native tongue, they’re leaving out the rest of …

  Sarah Siwak

Get our fact sheet on cross-border ecommerce

Do you have your facts straight about cross-border ecommerce?

While resources to help companies of all sizes sell overseas are abundant, few companies ensure visitors can navigate sites and listings in their customers’ native languages. Identify gaps in your overseas …