Jenie Gabriel

Three benefits of being a digital nomad

Catering to digital nomads, UpWork, the world’s largest online workplace, defines this location-independent group as professionals who are empowered by technology to break free from the constraints of the physical workplace.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, make up

  Sarah Siwak

Get our fact sheet on international traveler behavior

When people begin seriously planning trips, research shows that one of the first places that they head to is—naturally—the internet. They flip through pages of destination listings, researching hotel options, comparison shopping for flights and looking for the best local …

  Charlie Rosas

Two quick translation tips for international travelers

Traveling abroad but worried about language barriers? Our team has tried its fair share of multilingual dictionaries and image translation apps, and while these tools are perfect for practical needs, they don’t get you beyond the basics. Whether you’re looking …

  Sarah Siwak

Get Gengo’s free guide to translation for the travel industry

Travel content is diverse and can be challenging to translate for a company of any size. To help you enhance your international visibility and give customers the best possible experience using your service, we’ve created a special Guide to translating