Alex Nguyen

Bablic + Gengo = Hassle-free website translation

Some 73% of internet users aren’t browsing sites in English, making it pivotal for brands to adjust their online offering to fit global audiences. Research indicates that website localization boosts web traffic, business credibility, search engine visibility and, ultimately, bottom-line

  Alex Nguyen

Memsource + Gengo = Full translation management solution

We’re excited to announce our integration with Memsource, a cloud-based translation environment that provides an effective and efficient project management tool. Memsource is designed for translation buyers, agencies and translators seeking to centralize and automate their translation processes.


  Alex Nguyen

Gengo + WPML = Multilingual support for WordPress

WordPress now powers 25% of all websites. According to recently published results from a web survey conducted by W3Techs, over 60 million websites run on the popular open source publishing platform, accounting for nearly one quarter of the entire web.

  Adam Emsley

TexTurner + Gengo = Translation as easy as chat

Here at Gengo, we know that global companies need content translated quickly and frequently to get their messages across. We also know that many teams use chat tools like Slack to communicate effectively.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a

  Megan Waters

Gengo-dō: Sailing the Sumida

Photos: Eutah Mizushima

The long, hot Japanese summer is (finally) almost over! Yakatabune (屋形船), or home-style boats, originated in the Heian period (794–1185) and were popular among the shogun and samurai classes. Lavishly decorated with gold, silver and lacquer,

  Spencer Huddleston

New! Translate from Dutch to English

Gengo customers can now order translation in our newest language pair, Dutch to English, both online and through our API. We also offer translation from English to Dutch, as well as many other languages—see the full list here.…

  Megan Waters

Know your lemons

In 2010, almost 1.5 million people worldwide were diagnosed with breast cancer. Furthermore, around one in eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer sometime in their life. And men aren’t safe from the disease either—about 2,350 new cases …

  Megan Waters

Translation beyond the traditional industry

Early last week we held our second translator event. Entitled “Translation beyond the traditional industry,” we wanted to provide our existing and prospective translators with an opportunity to learn more about somewhat unconventional aspects that are popping up in the …

  Emily Benson

Gengo-dō: Dogfooding

Last year Gengo launched a new initiative called dogfooding, where every member of our team regularly tests and uses our own platform. While most of our teams already use Gengo daily, including Marketing, Ops, Engineering and Support, we wanted for …

  Matthew Romaine

Gengo announces $5.4M in Series C funding

We’re excited to announce that we recently closed our Series C funding round of $5.4M led by Recruit of Japan. Recruit are an international leader in supporting diverse aspects of global companies from Japan, and we’re excited to have them …