Emily Benson

Gengo-dō: Tokyo in bloom

Spring is here in Japan! Sakura (桜), or cherry blossoms, are now in full bloom around the world, prompting sakura viewing parties and excursions known as hanami (花見) here in Japan and abroad. To celebrate, Japanese residents head to the …

  Jay Trinidad

New! Translate from Canadian French to English

Starting today, users can order translation in our newest language pair, Canadian French to English, both online and through our API. We also offer translation from English to French (both Metropolitan and Canadian dialects) and many others—see the full list …

  Sarah Siwak

Price Change in Pounds, Euros

Starting Friday, January 23, Gengo pricing for users ordering in Pound Sterling and Euro will change slightly to adjust to current exchange rates. …

  Sarah Siwak

Happy New Year! Explore our six most popular posts from 2014

Whether you’re building a translation strategy from scratch, want to start a career in translation or are just curious about tech, we want for you to find the answers you need on the Gengo blog. Our most popular posts …

  Robert Laing

Happy birthday to us!

We launched as myGengo on December 18, 2008. And, to be completely honest, during that early period we had no idea what we were doing. We had an online order form, a few dozen tested translators and an idea that …

  Robert Laing

See Gengo’s real translations, unedited and unfiltered

So far on the topic of translation quality, we’ve shared how our customers would rate their translated content, as well as what they thought about their overall experience. We’re very excited about our final Open Data release, however, which …

  Robert Laing

Open Data: Performance

Having a reliable service is very important to us—we don’t ever want for someone to reach for Gengo and encounter errors, or wait too long for a page to load. For this reason, our most recent public Open Data release …

  Robert Laing

Open Data: Quality

Today, we’re happy to launch Open Data around Gengo’s translation quality for the first time. In translation especially, quality is a very subjective concept, but we’ve created a system around ensuring all translated content matches our standards and our customers’ …

  Robert Laing

Open Data: Speed

Translating with Gengo is fast, but instead of just telling you how fast, we invite you to take a look at our actual data around translation speed…

  Jay Trinidad

New! Translate from English to Serbian, Slovak and Ukrainian

In addition to our new Japanese to Thai language pair, we recently released three new pairs to expand our Slavic language family: English to Serbian, English to Slovak and English to Ukrainian