Product updates
  David Gilbert

Translation memory at Gengo

Translation memory (TM) is a system that stores previously translated content and makes it available to translators for reuse. For companies with highly repetitive content, it can be a powerful tool to improve speed, consistency and cost effectiveness.

It’s something …

  David Gilbert

Sandbox spring cleaning

Every six weeks, members of Gengo’s engineering team take a day off from their usual schedules to work on a project of their choosing away from the office.

At our last such event—known as a hackathon—one of our engineers, …

  David Gilbert

Quality automation improvements

When translating things like product descriptions, accuracy is key in ensuring the translation faithfully represents what’s being sold. Mistranslating a dress as being size 2 instead of 12 could spell disaster and customer dissatisfaction. Likewise, a missing HTML tag could …

  David Gilbert

A picture is worth a thousand words

To provide accurate translations, comprehension of the source content is key. At Gengo, we strive to provide customers with the most effective means to explain to translators how they want their content translated. This is done through the use of …

  木村 尚磨

Announcing a new translator quality score

We know that quality is never black and white, nor can be summed up perfectly in a number. However, as a data-driven translation platform, we believe in empowering our translators with information and statistics on their performance so they can

  David Gilbert

Faster credit card payments

At Gengo, our goal has always been to provide hassle-free human translation, accessible to all. We’ve just introduced a streamlined payment process that provides direct credit card payments in addition to PayPal.

Payments for orders or credit top-ups can now …

  David Gilbert

A harder working workbench

The workbench is the heart of Gengo where translation happens 24/7. Late last year we introduced a brand new translator workbench that brought together everything we’ve learned in a streamlined interface designed to provide assistance when wanted, but otherwise gets …

  Megan Waters

Faces of Gengo: David

David, our Product Manager, is responsible for deciding what we should be focusing on to make Gengo successful and then working with the engineering team to make it happen. To do this, he weighs what is important to our customers …

  Sarah Siwak

Price Change in Pounds, Euros

Starting Friday, January 23, Gengo pricing for users ordering in Pound Sterling and Euro will change slightly to adjust to current exchange rates. …

  David Gilbert

Announcing the new translator workbench

Gengo has always strived to provide simple yet powerful translation tools. We just released our next-generation translation workbench that brings together in a single streamlined interface everything we’ve learned from your feedback and years of experience.…