Product updates
  David Gilbert

Announcing the Gengo Style Guide

There’s a lot that goes into our brand outside of the familiar Gengo green.…

  Issam Zeibak

Gengo Pulse on Tech: API World + DataWeek

Last month’s DataWeek conference and API World expo in San Francisco was full of interesting takeaways for developers. An event focused on discussing new approaches to and best practices behind data science, API design/strategy and more, the event is one …

  David Gilbert

Gengo-dō: Kamakura Hackathon

Every six weeks, members of Gengo’s engineering team take a day off from their usual schedules to work on a project of their choosing away from the office. During these hackathons, we hope that the team will come up with …

  Shawn Smith

Go at Gengo

At Gengo, the engineering team is constantly working to create a better experience for our customers and translators. One of the ways we’re doing this is by using more of our favorite new technologies such as Go, an open source

  Jay Trinidad

Open Data: Gengo by the Numbers

Back in 2008, we were a much smaller company. We rang in 2009 just shy of 50 translators who had completed 3,405 words total. Almost six years later, we’re at an incredible 10,800+ translators and over 200 million words translated. …

  Sarah Siwak

Basics: Using Glossaries for Consistency, Clarity

Need help using Gengo? Hitting a snag with text translation or site localization? In this series we’re taking it back to the basics.

Instead of repeatedly explaining terms in the comments section, you can maintain term consistency across multiple translation …

  Matthew Romaine

Gengo Pulse on Tech: API Events in 2014

January is always full of experts’ predictions on how their industries will change over the coming year, and the API world is no exception. So far, we’ve heard from SOA, 3Scale and Steve Marx and John Sheehan in their

  Matthew Romaine

Gengo-dō: Engineering the Japanese Way

The Gengo engineering team worked incredibly hard in 2013, so as a combined year-end celebration and opportunity for engineers to work on special projects, we organized an overnight hackathon for our team of twelve. In Japanese, such a hackathon is …

  Matthew Romaine

Gengo Pulse on Tech: The Exploding API Ecosystem

If my travel schedule was any indication, the conference season was in full swing in October. Each week was spent either absorbing new information or speaking at conferences (two in the translation industry and three in technology).

Jessica did …

  Sarah Siwak

Introducing the New Order Form

In the past, translation was slow, expensive and hard to access. But by combining technology with simple design, Gengo is helping anyone read and publish across languages with one click.

With our new order form, tasks like uploading multiple …