Emily Benson

Gengo-dō: Tokyo in bloom

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Spring is here in Japan! Sakura (桜), or cherry blossoms, are now in full bloom around the world, prompting sakura viewing parties and excursions known as hanami (花見) here in Japan and abroad. To celebrate, Japanese residents head to the closest park, lay down a blanket and spend the day enjoying the weather, trees and one another’s company.

Check out some shots of our special Gengo hanami, featuring a few Gengo babies, blossoms and badminton.

hanami03 hanami01hanami02


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Emily Benson
Emily Benson
Bostonian turned Tokyoite, Emily handles enterprise marketing at Gengo. Passionate about translation, she joined Gengo after working with Lionbridge, the world's largest language company. When she isn't adding stamps to her passport, she can be found learning all sorts of languages, from Hebrew and Japanese to Klingon (nuqneH!).