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  Megan Waters

Hall of fame: Priscilla

Priscilla is another polyglot who has successfully achieved the hall of fame status. Being raised in a multilingual home and living in different countries empowered her to learn more languages and, eventually, pursue a career in translation. She offers words

  Megan Waters

Eight language-learning tips for adults

Learning a language is often a gateway to new experiences and can open doors to more possibilities. Although it can initially seem to be a daunting task, with a bit of hard work, determination and creativity, language acquisition can be

  Alex Nguyen

In-house vs. outsourced translation: Which is best?

So, your company is ready to expand overseas. Basically, you have two choices: create an in-house team or outsource to a firm that specializes in translation. But which option is best for your company? Before you sign up for something …

  Megan Waters

Hall of fame: Loreta

Loreta, a Venezuela-based translator, joins the ranks of this year’s Gengo Wordsmiths. In her spare time, she practices her second and third languages—Italian and English, respectively—by reading and watching movies. She advises fellow translators to pay close attention to

  Jenie Gabriel

Three career benefits of being multilingual

In the age of globalization when numerous companies are moving into international markets, the ability to speak more than one language has become a valuable asset in the workplace. According to the Department of Labor, fluency in a foreign

  Alex Nguyen

Guide to multilingual customer support

Imagine you’re shopping on a global ecommerce website, browsing and adding items to your cart. Just as you’re ready to pull the trigger, a question pops up in your mind. You scour the website looking for an answer, but can’t …

  Jenie Gabriel

Japanese onomatopoeia and their meanings

Aside from manga fans, most people probably don’t realize that the Japanese language can be animated and lively. Japanese has over 1,000 onomatopoeia with syllabic and repetitive words—that’s thrice more than in English! Some words might not have English equivalents,

  Megan Waters

Hall of fame: Alicia

Our newest hall of famer is one of our Spanish translators, who believes that culture is embedded in every language. A voracious reader, she maintains proficiency in English and Spanish through literature.

She advises budding translators to always be meticulous

  Alex Nguyen

Four tools for providing context to translators

Accurate, timely translations rely on the context provided. That being said, source content without context can be extremely difficult to translate even for the most experienced native speakers. That’s why providing clear direction by way of instructions or references is …

  Jenie Gabriel

English education in Japan: Challenges and changes

Ranked at number 30 out of 70 countries in the 2015 EF English Proficiency Index, Japan has a moderate proficiency compared to other developed countries around the world. As a mostly homogenous country, Japan seems to be torn between

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