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  Jenie Gabriel

The 2016 Rio Olympics at a glance

Often considered a universal language, sports bring people together from different nationalities and diverse backgrounds. To promote fair play, sportsmanship and camaraderie among nations, languages play a vital role especially at one of the world’s biggest and most watched sporting

  Alex Nguyen

Launching global websites in the French market

The 103rd Tour de France is well underway, with almost 200 cyclists covering 2,200 miles around France over the course of three weeks. The world’s biggest cycling race is being broadcasted to over 190 countries, attracting millions of viewers both …

  Alex Nguyen

Five considerations for successful website localization

Website localization is much more than simply translating text. Yes, you can upload everything into Google Translate to produce a 30+ language website in no time, but if you want high-quality translation, search engine optimization (SEO) and brand consistency, you …

  Megan Waters

Faces of Gengo: Mutsumi

Our human resources (HR) and office manager, Mutsumi, can be considered the mother of Gengons, given her nurturing character, friendly demeanor and organizational skills. She usually works behind the scenes yet she plays important roles, such as ensuring employee satisfaction

  Megan Waters

Hall of fame: Ben

Ben, a Paris-based translator working in three language pairs, is the newest addition to our growing roster of Gengo Wordsmiths. His penchant for mastering languages and understanding cultures has been instrumental in his translation career. He advises budding translators to

  Jenie Gabriel

Pros and cons of living overseas

In 2013, there were a total of 232 million international migrants—defined by the United Nations as people who have lived a year or more outside their country of birth—around the world. Whether your own choice or due to

  Jenie Gabriel

10 must-read books for language lovers

Reading is as essential as it is mandatory when learning another language and trying to understand facets of communication. This list of our favorite fiction and nonfiction books aims to inspire and entertain language lovers, writers, bookworms and anyone fascinated

  Jenie Gabriel

Russian language day: 8 useful expressions and how to use them

Each year on June 6 marks United Nations Russian Language Day. This date also commemorates the birthday of the father of Russian literature, Alexander Pushkin. Here’s our list of top idioms and expressions to give you a deeper understanding

  Jenie Gabriel

Eight hilarious localization fails in advertising

Going beyond translation, localization can make or break marketing campaigns. The process of adapting a product or content to a specific country or target market, localization requires a deep understanding and comprehensive study of the culture. Some brands make the

  Megan Waters

Hall of fame: Carley

With Carley’s penchant for learning and her excellent research skills, it’s no surprise that she has achieved Gengo Wordsmith status. Her advice for other translators? Never stop polishing your writing skills in your native tongue so you can accurately translate

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