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Gengo announces $5.4M in Series C funding


We’re excited to announce that we recently closed our Series C funding round of $5.4M led by Recruit of Japan. Recruit are an international leader in supporting diverse aspects of global companies from Japan, and we’re excited to have them join our team of investors. Also participating in the round are Japan-based investors SBI Investments, MUFJ Capital and CrowdWorks—a fellow crowdsourcing company that went public last year.

Building the best

Over the coming year, our users can expect more powerful translation tools built right into our platform, continued improvements to our translator workbench, and a host of resources for getting the most out of your experience. We’re also scaling our marketing and sales efforts to help make Gengo an industry leader around the world.

Translation is a vital tool for companies of all shapes and sizes to go global, and we’ll continue to evolve to give our users the right technologies for getting the job done.

What’s next

In addition to our recent funding, the Gengo Board of Directors, Rob and I have decided on a leadership change to carry us into our next phase of growth. Because of my bicultural background and experience working across Japan and the United States, I’m proud to accept the baton as Gengo’s next CEO.

My co-founder Robert Laing will shift his role from CEO to working on Special Projects. Rob has led Gengo to become a worldwide leader in crowdsourced translation with the best metrics in the industry, unparalleled consistency in design and branding and strong relationships with thousands of translators around the world.

We have grown significantly since the days I was sleeping on an air mattress in a spare office space writing lines of code, but our passion and mission remain the same—to break down barriers to global communication and become the leading online translation platform.

Join us!

We’d love to work with you as we write the next chapter of Gengo’s story. Chat with us about using Gengo for your projects, become a translator or join our team today.

Matthew Romaine
Matthew Romaine
Matthew is CEO and Co-Founder of Gengo. He grew up in New England (USA), London and Tokyo, all the while speaking English and Japanese. After graduating from Brown and Stanford, Matthew joined R&D at Sony to research the future of audio. Before co-founding Gengo he founded Majides, which powered TIME Top 50 website
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    Poor Robert. So sad for him.

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    Congrats! Well done, Matthew!

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    Congratulations, Matthew! You have a great company in your hands :)

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  • Congratulations, best of luck and much success to you! I’m looking forward to what comes next for Gengo :D