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Three benefits of being a digital nomad


Catering to digital nomads, UpWork, the world’s largest online workplace, defines this location-independent group as professionals who are empowered by technology to break free from the constraints of the physical workplace.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, make up the majority of professionals who are leading autonomous lifestyles and pursuing a life of adventure. According to a Forbes article, this tech-savvy, uber-connected generation thinks differently about earning a living, and values content and the impact of their work more than the money or status they can acquire.

The number of those choosing to adopt this digital nomadic lifestyle has surged in the past few years, with 54 million freelance professionals working in the U.S. in 2015 alone. Online entrepreneurs are also on the rise.

Here are the main reasons why this breed of worker is growing worldwide:

1. You’re free to work wherever you want.

The desire for greater freedom drives most professionals to choose this lifestyle. Digital nomads aren’t bound by a single location and can work anywhere that has a reliable internet connection. Geography is becoming less important for businesses that place greater value on output quality, speed and price.

In addition, the Digital Nomads: A Revolution in Work Freedom survey shows that decreasing ties to physical offices increases happiness because of a newfound freedom. Some Gengo translators are also moms who work from home to spend more time with their kids, while avid travelers love having the freedom to take their work anywhere when they need a change of scenery.

2. You are your own boss.

As the head honcho of your own online business, you make your own rules, which means you can pursue your interests and make money doing what you love. Working with Gengo allows our translators across the globe to develop new skills, such as translating and writing, which are transferrable if they want to return to the corporate world in the future.

When asked why they took the road less traveled, freelancing millennials cited the ability to choose what they work on and control their own destiny as the top reasons. You don’t need to worry about a boss breathing down your neck or endure long, mind-numbing meetings.

In terms of salary, the more you work, the more you earn. Many Gengo translators join us to supplement their income while they work full- or part-time in other roles.

3. You have flexible hours and more vacation time.

This cubicle-free lifestyle provides more free time and flexibility. Digital nomads work when it’s the most convenient for them and when they feel at their most productive. Gengo’s community of over 18,000 translators worldwide can access jobs online 24/7, which means their working hours are in their hands.

In his best-selling book, The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss’ mantra is simple: live more, work less. He recommends taking mini-retirements whenever possible, instead of waiting for your senior years to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Without vacation leave restrictions or forced overtime work, this lifestyle is becoming even more enticing and sustainable for many.

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Jenie Gabriel
Jenie Gabriel
Jenie assists in creating online content for Gengo's marketing team. Originally from the Philippines, she was an advertising creative in Singapore before moving to Tokyo. In her spare time, you’ll find her glued to social networks or daydreaming about her next escapade.
  • Gisela von Brunn

    The photograph, by the way, shows me with my 15 grandchildren in January 2013, in Cochabamba, Bolivia, my second home.

    • Lara Fernández

      Beautiful family! :D

  • Gisela von Brunn

    Hi all!

    I have been working as a digital nomad for many years – and, being born in 1943, I’m definitely not part of Generation Y! However, my large family (children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren) are dispersed through South America – Bolivia, Peru, Brazil – and Germany, so if I want to see them, I have to be a nomad! Wherever I go, whenever I travel within Europe as well to see friends, my “office”, a little notebook, travels along, and of course my iPhone, too, is a great help to stay posted!

    • Lara Fernández

      That is amazing, Gisela! You must definitely have been a digital nomad pioneer, setting the path for the next to come – impressive! I am sure that being able to work anywhere while visiting your family is very rewarding :)