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When people begin seriously planning trips, research shows that one of the first places that they head to is—naturally—the internet. They flip through pages of destination listings, researching hotel options, comparison shopping for flights and looking for the best local places to stop by before returning home, all before settling on their final itinerary.

At the heart of their research is content—reviews, guides, videos, travel listings, blogs, articles, digital magazines, social media. With digital content, people worldwide feel more secure than ever before booking unique overseas trips of their own online.

The good news for companies with their sights set overseas? This preference for researching trips online is common to multilingual travelers around the world, and most companies already create engaging content in one language that can be easily translated.

If you suspect that translating this content might be right for you (but aren’t yet fully convinced), we’ve created a quick fact sheet on how international travelers plan trips.

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Sarah Siwak
Sarah Siwak
Sarah manages content production for Gengo's marketing team. A native Detroiter and fluent trilingual, she's passionate about finding creative ways to communicate ideas across different media and languages. She spends her free time exploring digital worlds and whipping up late-night omelettes.